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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 5, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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for an end to racial divide. politicians offen use fear and victimization to maintain their own power. we'll follow up this story in the days ahead. the man himself, lou dobbs, keep it right here the on fox business. lou: the obama administration's efforts to subvert the trump presidency before it begins in testified on capitol hill. obama's highly political intelligence agencies all agree russia intervened in our election. but there is a problem. there was apparent no cyber attack at any level in our elections and the agencies agree not a single vote was altered. >> we have no evidence vote tallies were altered or manipulated in any way?
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>> that's correct. lou: president-elect trump taking aim at democrats who are refusing to take responsibility for the obamacare disaster that's theirs. he says the human were clowrns are to blame for the mess and it's time for the head clown to help fix it. a new car maker draws fire from the president-elect who warns toyota if it goes ahead with building a new plant in mexico, there will be a hefty border tax on toyota's brought to america. good evening. the country's top intelligence officials gathered and delivered their report on russian hacking to the white house this afternoon after being grilled on capitol hill to explain what if anything they learned about alleged russian interference in our presidential election. fox news, chief intelligence
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correspondent catherine herridge with our report. reporter: the witnesses testified they had never seen a cyber attack like this before. >> i don't think we ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere with our election process. reporter: senior intelligence officials told the committee they are more certain about russia's meddling than they were a month before the election. >> we stand more resolutely on the strength of that statement. reporter: no evidence was found that ballots were tampered with. >> they did not change any vote tall liz or anything of that sort. certainly the intelligence community can't gaijt impact it had on choices in the electorate made. there is no way for to us gauge that.
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reporter: the witnesses seemed to avoid identifying the russian president vladimir putin by name but emphasize it came from the top. >> the thought it came from high-level russian authorities? >> yes. >> do you think there is much that goes on in russia that puff continue don't know about. >> not have many. >> the notion that the elected leader of this country would put julian assange on a pedestal compared to the men and women of the intelligence community, i think it should bring about a hug -- ahue and cry no matter wr you are a republican or democrat. reporter: the unclassified report will discuss who was behind the meddling and their goal.
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>> do you think in the report next week you all will ascribe a motivationo putin for the election attempt? >> we'll ascribe a motivation. >> in your 53 years of intelligence ascertaining the motives and intentions of foreign leaders, among the hardest taxes we ask our intelligence services. >> it always has been. reporter: . china stole records in 2014 from the federal data base. >> this appearance of weakness has been provocative to our adversaries who attacked us again and again with growing severity. '. reporter: the white house
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respond to his statement that russia crossed the line. >> it doesn't mean you start week his administration imposed sanctions on russia and expelled 35 russian diplomats. the white house spokesman said they wanted a forceful response and they had enough to go on. lou: president-elect trump tearing into the national media claiming he sided with jewel yawn assange and tweeted this. i simply state what he state. it's for the people to make up their own mind as to the truth. the media lies to make it look like i'm against intelligence, but in fact i'm a big fan. but it was the democratic national committee that rigged the presidential primary system
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and tried to rig the outcome of the election. emails from the dnc revealed contempt toward bernie sanders and the dnc conspiring to insure hillary clinton won the nomination. three top dnc officials as a result of the collusion and conspiracy were forced to resign, including the chair debbie wasserman-schultz. that's what wikileaks revealed. the wicky leaks emails also shed light on the collusion that took place between clinton's campaign and the national left wing media. now more of a deflection of a far greater troubling truth concerning a corrupt clinton campaign and democratic party about which there have been no hearing. joining me now to talk about the obama administration's efforts in the minds of some to subvert the trump presidency before it begins is fox news strategic
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analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. let me see if you and i agree on the outcome of this. we had a gathering of the heads of these intelligence agencies on capitol hill and at the white house. and what they relayed was still primarily conjecture and no evidence of a direct intervention in the election itself. not altering a single vote. >> you are absolutely wrong. 16 intelligence agencies agreed the russians attacked our electoral system. they attacked the fundamentals of our government. lou: you said i'm wrong and i want to understand. here is what i want to ask specifically. what is not out there is what did the russians hack? >> the russians obviously hacked the various democratic site we know about.
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and they also even gained in broader disinformation campaign, fake news sites. vladimir putin tried to make mischief with our fundamental tool of democracy, free elections. there is no way around it. i trust the intelligence community. lou: good for you. i have got to tell you something. i trust the men and women of the intelligence community. but don't ask me to sit here and condone leadership of the intelligence community that still cannot tell us with definition and certainty that they know who hacked and carried out a successful cyber attack against the office of personnel management. >> they do know. lou: at some point come to ground with reality. who hacked the opm? who? who? >> the chinese. lou: who? the chinese? the pla?
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>> the elements in china that specialize. lou: what was our response? >> the russians attacked our election system and julian assange is not the answer and putin is not the answer. lou: what was the obama response to the 2014 cyber attack by china? >> i'm not defending obama. lou: you are going to have to. >> no, i don't. lou: otherwise you cannot put forward a case that you understand who was attacked by the russians it was john podesta and the campaign of hillary clinton that was wide open. >> lou, stop covering up for this. lou: coughing up what? we are not going to put up with this. we have 16 -- >> yes, you are. lou: why are you defending a bureaucry th has been
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utterly inept in it leadership. >> you are attacking the intelligence system full of hatred. you are attack patriots. lou: don't you dare hide behind that patriotic nonsense. this is about a nation that's absolutely at the subject of a disinformation campaign from the left in this country. the left-wing media in this country. >> and your more concerned about that than you are about a disinformation from moscow? lou: no, no, no. >> it becomes our country and tour security. lou: i would like to you do me the slight favor of opening your mind and being patient if you wouldn't mind. >> if you open your mind. lou require assure you it is. why is it there has been no investigation of all that was revealed by the wikileaks
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emails, those of john podesta and the hillary clinton campaign and the misdeeds they revealed. why is that? and why are we suddenly talking about vladimir putin. which you heard today they could not ascribe this operation whatever it was to vladimir putin. you remember he was personally involved in this just a week ago. >> they did tea describe it. rinse to what general clapper said. he said nothing like this happens in russia without you continues approval. and we all know that. vladimir putin is not r frie. i's not a good guy. lou: who acertained that he is -- who asserted that he is? have you ever heard me say he's our friend? not one. but you quickly said why are you defending vladimir putin. you are defending a bureaucracy
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that has a record ineptitude. and you are the one -- >> the intelligence community keeps us safe. do you wanted to just wipe away our intelligence community? lou: how does the saying go? we are too good a friend to finish the sentence. ralph peters, we have to run. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. thanks for being with us. donald trump calls chuck schumer the head clown and the rest of the democrats are schumer clowns. >> they are the weakest they have been in modern times as a party. lou: will the delusional dems eventually come to their senses. we take up the morbidity of
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obamacare. president-elect trump trying to gently persuade toyota to invest in america rather than mexico. that and much more next. we'll be right back. stay with us. sometimes you just know when you hit a home run.
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lou: obamacare is a big deal and it's getting bigger. joining us is one of the country's leading experts on obamacare, healthcare and so much more. betsy mccoy, best-selling author of the book, beating obamacare. betsy, great to have you here. schumer is acting as if the obamacare support entirely by democratic. the man is peddling pure bull. >> demagoguery it's a shame at this time when the nation needs to fix obamacare. it isn't working. the republicans do have plans. lou: it's beyond not work.
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-- not work it's collapsing, and premiums are sky rocketing. it's skyrocketing. >> premiums are double what they were before the obamacare plans were launched. lou: this not a person watching in my best guess who thinks there is anything about obamacare that is worth saving. save if you will, preconditions. >> there is a better way to prect us. lou: nothing about this is working. i heard republicans, some of them, say we should be saving some of the mandates. >> absolutely not. government has proven it does not know how to regulate the insurance market. it has pushed up costs and made it totally dysfunctional.
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what disturbs me when i see schumer and others claiming -- 20 million people will lose coverage, and now they upped the ante to 30 million today. it's fear mongers. anybody on medicaid, medicaid is not going to be eliminated. republicans will block grant it to the states which will be more effective spending and more for the dollar. lou: it would have improved the system to begin with, but it would have taken control away from the federal government and left it with state government and that the democrats cannot abide. >> i hope the republicans hurry through their repeal and replace because the american people don't want to wait two or three years for people yus yum relief.
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-- for premium relief. lou: speaker ryan said, he's given the deadline. one mop after the president-elect takes office. president trump is to have it on his desk by the 20th of february, says the speaker. >> but the speaker has said the effective date will be twoer three years hence. americans don't want to wait that long, and insurance companies are not going to wait yong the spring to see what's coming next. lou: how many times has the house repealed obamacare? how many votes? they certainly had preparation in various committees and various congressmen, chief among them tom price, the designee for health and human services committee. he has i don't know how many versions of bills that would replace obamacare. >> president-elect trump is not
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going to wait two or three years for a more affordable health insurance plan to be put into place. do you know why the members of congress are taking their time? because they are not paying these exorbitant premiums and faiption the deductibles. lou: there are other kinds of prices they will pay. i'm talking about all of them. they have weasled around the requirements. lou: there are weasles in the republican party too? who knew? >> he's going to drain the swamp. lou: almost any issue you can think of, if you add hashtag dts, it's appropriate. it's appropriate. it works.
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he has to drain that damn swamp. you are confident we'll get it done. >> yes. i was confident when i saw vice president-elect pence go to congress yesterday, the message he was delivering was "get it done." lou: we are in the process of delivering promises. we know that the white house is on the way. breaking news now. new reports say president-elect trump will choose former indiana senator dan coats to be his director of national intelligence. he served on the intelligence and armed services committees. the choice is expected to be made official tomorrow when the president-elect will receive an intelligence briefing on russian hacking. be sure to vote in our poll tonight.
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do you support president-elect trump's branding of chuck schumer and the democrats as schumer's clown? i'll be neutral on this. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. on wall street stocks were mixed. the s & p down 2. the nasdaq closing at a new record high. mexico tonight, worried not just about potential job losses as president trump brings back jobs to america. but also a 20% hike in gasoline prices by the government sparking violent protests and looting resulting in the death of a police officer.
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and 600 people arrested. up next, the head clown has been hitting trump all week. yet now, now he's a little leery. a little weary of all the name calling. shierm and the human sister clown, the subject of my commentary next. a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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lou: a few thoughts on the man leads the dems obstructist charge to capitol hill, none other than senate minority leader, chuck schumer of new york, the same schumer who in november said, he, work with president-elect trump, trump reciprocated with a tweet -- i have always had a good relationship with chuck schumer. that was then, but now it
7:29 pm
different, president-elect dubbed schumer head clown after he accused republicans of quote, wants to make america sick again by repealing obamacare. too low even for a man of humer's standards. all dems following the head clown will be forever known as schumer clowns. suddenly schumer does not like name-calling. >> i say to president-elect and the republicans, this is not a time for calling names, it is time for them to step up to the plate if they want to repeal and show us what they replace it with. lou: sorry chuck, it's too late, you are down as head clown, did you not help yourself yesterday, when you blustered only way democrats would work with president-elect trump if he quote, moves completely in our
7:30 pm
direction, and abandons his republican colleagues. over trump's chab ne cab cabinet choices, is demanding a ethic probe. it is too late to council the head clown and all schumer clowns, the battle is joined between th the globalist lefts and the nationalists who put america first, a great conflict is at hand. i wish that head clown and his followers luck. and none of it good. now the quote of the evening from ben franklin, said, tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that don't have brains enough to be honest. we're coming right back.
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>> obama administration tries to strengthen its case that russia interfered in our presidential election. but as mr. trump said, the evidence is not there. >> i think it is ridiculous, this is another excuse. i don't believe it. lou: when will the obama campaign of disinformation end? we'll have some of the answers with congressman jim jordan who is joining me next. >> these base jumpers about to drop in from second tallest residential building in the world. that is ahead. in the video, we'll be right back with that and more, stay with us.
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now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. jim: president-elect trump. lou: trump today slammed obamacare, said that both sides of the aisle need to work together to fix a democratic healthcare plan, democrats led by chuck schumer know how bad obamacare is, what a mess they are in. instead of trying to fix it they blame. the fact that obamacare was alive from the beginning, keep your doctor, keep your plan, it is time for republicans and democrats to get together, come up with a health care plan that works, less expensive and far better, joining me now congressman jim jordan, a member of freedom
7:36 pm
caucus. it great to have you with us could happy new year. >> happy new year, lou. lou: this is an alternate universe for you wall in washington dc, with republicans controlling the house, senate and white house. how does this feel? >> it feels good. now we get a chance to do what we told the voters we'll do. we have said, our job is pretty basic, do what we said we would do, do what they elected us to do. when they gave us pri privilege to serve let's keep our promise, as vice president pence said, get rid of obamacare, the obamacare debate has started it is time to deliver. lou: now we're seeing some -- if you will fizzures within the party and the houses, senator rand paul stepping forward to offer a criticism
7:37 pm
or two. in an alternative way in the house. freedom caucus, i don't know where you all will land. this is clear that a lot of thinking that one would have expected had gone into the replacement aspect of this, is not ready, at least not yet. >> i believe it will be ready, i start from this premise, i think that health care will be better and less expensive when obamacare is repealed, as you said, everything we were told about this legislation was false. like keep your plan, keep your plan, like your doctor, keep our doctor, premiums will go down, web site will work. and co-oping ths will be great, 18 of 23 have gone bankrupt in just two years, they passed this without one republican vote, for chuck schumer to say ha h ha he said is laughable.
7:38 pm
let's make sure we put in place a model that focusing on patients, doctors, families, and freedom of choice, not a washington approach, which is what we have with obamacare. lou: it is clear in the house and capitol hill, in both houses, there are plans, that will form, a replacement, they are not organized yet. and for chuck schumer to start this as if he is trying to earn label to donald trump has branded him, the head clown. the be o obstructist tone he has taken is nasty and without foundation. >> you are right, let's help the american family across this nation who know, obamacare is a failure. they know everything they were told was not accurate, they know it is a failure, it
7:39 pm
driving up cost, and deductibles and policies and premiums, causing them to change plans and change doctors, it is a disaster. i talk with families of day, why not come together, repeal, then fix the american people carry system, with models that help the patient, doctors and families, not what obamacare does that puts all of the power here in this town with bureaucracy and mandates that come with it. lou: speaker said he is confident that can be done, within a month of the president taken ocean of -- oceaoath of office do you agree? >> i do, that is what voters send us here to do, like vice president pence said, we're in the business of keeping promises it should not take 3 or 4 years to phase in it has to be done quickly, went this congress as a minimum, we make this job way too complicated,
7:40 pm
do what you say you would do, we said we would repeal it, that is the right thing to do, that is what they since us here to do. lou: i want to touch up on know th the -- upon hearing on russian hacking and view that all of the intelligence agencies agree that russia intervened in our election, so they said and declared. but without one example else was a single level of the election, whether state, federal or local that was altered by the russians. what is this campaign that obama administration is on? >> i mean, who knows. i said before, it would be nice in president over last 7 1/2 years would have on international stage stood up for american principles, a lot more strongly than in last 3 weeks. you know. i want to see evidence. like most members do, president seems to want to
7:41 pm
make this a big,. issue, i do not see any evidence where they changed votes in the election machines. so they hacked into the democrat -- maybe? we'll see, but let's see evidence. lou: congressman jim jordan always good to have you with us. >> thank you, loo, lou take care. lou: breaking news, blasting united nations measure over israeli settlement. and obama administration effort to undermine the state of israel, vote 342-84, members. house just voted to rebuke the united nations for its vote condemning israel. >> well please roll video, watch as this group of base jumpers launched themselves from the second tallest residential building in the world. there is a thrill. they freefall off of dubai a princess tower. stands 1400 feet high.
7:42 pm
how is that for thrilling? high above beautiful dubai sky. look at this. everybody had a good time, what a thrill. up next. president-elect trump now training his sights to toyota over its plan to build cars in mexico. mr. trump making it clear, it is america first now. charlie hurt joining me here next, stay with us, we'll be right back. like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom.
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lou: tonight, president-elect taking aim at another car manufacturer this time toyota, tweets, toyota motorcade we'll build a new plant in baja mexico to build corola cars, no way, build in u.s. or pay big border tax. looking at american export, cars to japan we send 19,000. 1.5 come into u.s. each year, trade deficit with japan 69 billion. joining me, newly named opinion editor of washington type, charlie, congratulations. >> thank you, lou.
7:47 pm
lou: delight to have you here. >> thank you. lou: president-elect is not messing around going after toyota. and appropriately so. in line with all he promised in the campaign, and against everything that we know now does not work for this economy. which is more trade deficit. >> yeah. it is incredible, for last 8 years we listened to a guy who used the presidential bully pulpit to apologize for america and talk about how terrible america is and point out america's problems and dump all over americans and be disappointed in america. this is so refreshing, not even president yet, and already using bully pulpit, he has not gotten to the full pull fipulpit. he is using to fix the country. lou: he has it is courage and
7:48 pm
character and honest to say to the intelligence community, and to the -- he is current president, i am almost said former president, barack obama. >> nearly almost former. lou: that you know, he wants to see evidence, he wants to see more than congestionture -- congestionture, he's to see intelligence in every sense of the worried, from our intelligence community, it has been in short supply from our leadership of those agents. >> absolutely, one reason it is so shocking to people here, if you think about partisa partisanship, that is never asking questions of people on your team, never asking questions. here is a guy who could care less about party, he is going in whether you are a republican or democrat, he is going to ask questions, i think that is a refreshing change.
7:49 pm
it is the way that founders intended for this to operate. and you say, intelligence community or you know, whatever it is, any branch of the government, whether military or intelligence, president has -- civilian in charge has to ask tough questions. and as you say, we have not had that or had someone that just dismisses them and does not listen to anything they say. lou: house over 60 times house voted to repeal obamacare, we've seen false start at beginning of week on part of house leadership. talking about gutting the ethics, independent ethics office. now they don't have an organized replacement for obamacare. and yet we have a speaker who said it is going to be two or three years before we can have a replacement in place, does
7:50 pm
speaker ryan have any concept this president-elect is about smart government, working more than, if you will, banker's hours. >> they could screw up a one-car parade, but you say, donald trump is about making things work. as someone more a conservative person, who does not like obamacare, this is kind of frightening to me to have a president, i think is a -- going to do a good job, but a president, he does not like obamacare, had does not work. and if you can't work with republicans to make it work, he will work democrats to make it work. as a conservative that is terrifying, but you know we fried t tried it old-fashion way with republicans they have screwed it up, let's throw the chips in the air, and see what happens. lou: i think that
7:51 pm
president-elect will organize those chips, i believe most of those chips will be moving his way quickly. by the way, we did not have a chance to talk did chuck schumer and his role as head clown, we'll take up that next time. >> i look forward to it. lou: 4 african-americans in chicago are facing hate crime charges because of an attack they carried out against a white, mentally disabled man. an attack that police describe add sickening and that thousands and thousands saw on facebook, for a half hour, beamed to them live. >> i really can't say what is the mind of the four individuals that would do something as sickening as this, who knows. >> he was traumatized fairly good. it took most of the night for him to calm down enough to be
7:52 pm
able to talk to us. lou: eboni williams, and tony will join me with their reaction. a country, but in particular a city, that is seemingly sicker by the day, we'll be right back, stay with us.
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7:56 pm
president-elect trump's talents and accomplishments as president. 92% of you are not hopeful. outrage across the country after a disturbing hate crime streamed online on facebook. a teenager repeatly yelling anti-whiteanti-tru message. they have been charged with a hate crime, and other offenses including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and kidnapping. the white house response says it's too early to decide if it's a shade crime. the authorities in chicago saying boys will be boys. there are two teenaged girls as well as boys. >> that response is unacceptable.
7:57 pm
there are elements, tangible elements here. they all look to be here. of course, you are going to take your time and do your due diligence. i think it's very important that we all collectively engage in this outrage and call it what it is, a hate crime. lou: leaders don't wait for facts. they know what's staring them in the face. facts we can all see. they are all presented and for us to see. >> this is a devastating story that shocks the conscience of anybody who's humane in this country. i agree with my colleague and counselor. but it goes to your point about leadership. in is no doubt somebody should be calling this kid's family and apologizing and offering the condolences of this country that you have targeted somebody base was white.
7:58 pm
now, whether you want to associate the political implications of this -- lou: i do. politics are the reason 762 people have been shot dead in chicago. the highest number in 20 years. not a single fresh this white house has been in chicago admonishing mayor emanuel, pleading with him to do something to safe these lives. almost 5,000 people shot. >> it's difficult for me to understand why my president who had substantial connections and a relationship with the city of chago hasn't been there. i'm very unhappy. the difference between you and me, i'm unhappy about the fact -- >> murders more in chicago, the third largest city in l.a.
7:59 pm
our second largest combined. i once was taught by a political science professor. lou: he wouldn't say a word. >> the violent crime issue, the education system in chicago, totally broken. lou: everything there is broken. and it's broke. it seems donald trump is the only one on the campaign who wanted to talk about the real issues in the inner cities. everybody deserves better than what chicago is giving them. tony, thanks so much. that's it for us. thank you for joining us. tomorrow night, congressman mark meadows will be talking about the prospects for obamacare and what the freedom caucus, the
8:00 pm
conservative group mark meadows chairs in the u.s. house of representatives will be doing about obamacare and its replacement. join us for all of that and much more. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: donald trump ripping democrats for refusing to let obamacare go and calling their senate leader a clown. we'll break down state senate hearings on the hacks. i'll talk to director peter berg on his film about the boston marathon bombings. tomorrow president obama officially gives his two weeks notice and what a glorious 8 years it's been. just ask him. a presiden t


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